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Believe Street was born when I realized how much I longed to return to my creative roots. Even though my life and career have taken me to lots of interesting places -- including 13 years in the corporate world -- in my younger days what I loved most was being immersed in a good crafty project. I think itís in my genes.

When I was a child in Spain, Mom had a knitting machine in our kitchen. While stirring the pot and raising two girls, she made beautiful garments and sold them to friends, relatives, and neighbors. I remember many fun trips to the yarn shop with her. She taught me how to sew, embroider, cross-stitch, and knit. She is still the best cook in the family, though.

My father has a natural talent for turning a piece of wood into a work of art. Whether building elegant headboards and armoires for our home in Spain, or now, making exquisite jewelry boxes or carving leaves for his beautiful wood necklaces and pins, heís happiest when heís working in his woodshop.

Growing up around two talented parents made it easy for me to fall in love with crafts. Itís a thrill to turn raw materials into something beautiful just with the power of my hands and an idea. Translating the picture in my head into a real object gives me just the right amount of challenge and satisfaction ... it puts me in a state of flow, in other words.

I started Believe Street to share my creations and to encourage you to believe in your passions and find your own sense of flow. I believe we each make our greatest contribution to the world by dancing to our own beat and doing what we love. So ... be life, be love, and be you.

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