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Believe Street is moving to Etsy!

Starting in September, the Believe Street shop will be located on Etsy, a great online marketplace for handmade goods. Moving to Etsy will make it easier for me to keep things up to date and is more cost-effective. Checkout on Etsy is easy and youíll still be able to purchase items with all major credit cards and Paypal.

Earlier this year, I opened an all-earrings shop on Etsy -- Earrings365 -- and find itís really easy to manage and update, so Iíve decided to set up Believe Street there too. That means I can spend more time making jewelry and less time doing techie stuff. Thatís a good thing!

I appreciate your patience as I stock up the shop. In the meantime, if you need to order inspiration bracelets, please email me. You can still see the bracelet colors and color ideas here, you just wonít be able to place your order through this site anymore. No worries, just email me and Iíll be glad to help you!

Youíll be able to reach the shop by clicking on the ĎShopí link above or going directly to Only the actual shop is moving. You can still come here to check my schedule or browse the gallery, which will also get a much-needed update soon.

Thank you for your support and business! Please contact me if you have any questions.


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